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"I LOVE this story!"

Kindergarten, Age 5

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“Having spent 25 plus years in the child & youth development profession with the military, I will highly recommend this book for every preschool classroom setting and home. It will provide an opening for teachers and parents to discuss with their children how they too can grow up to be anyone they dream of becoming, inspite of obstacles. “Little Chief” is very endearing to me because each of his difficulties were a challenge for me, his mother. I know the in-depth stories behind each of the situations written and I treasure them now even more than then.”

Callean Holly
U.S. Army Child & Youth Specialist, Ret.

"What a delightful children's story full of perceived anxiety and despair ending with hope and triumph and victory over adversity. Simple examples of problems our young folks face with necessary reassurance that 'this too shall pass!"
 A great read for all!
Sheila Krussman, LMFT

"If only every adult had the book Little Chief  to read while they were growing up! What an amazing true-life story of feeling insignificant, then suddenly showing the world you ROCK life! Kudos to Toni and Little Chief!"

Charlotte Tallman
Owner of Elle Write Communications 

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